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The Cold Little Voice
(Illustrated by Jan Dolby, Clockwise Press, 2019)
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* CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens 2019
What can we do when that cold little voice inside our own head tells us that we aren't good enough or smart enough to matter? Sometimes all it takes is a bit of self acceptance to make that voice warm up so that we can become our own best friend. 
Youth Services Book Review (starred review) "There is probably not a single time in a child’s life where this book will not come in handy...This is a very positive book about being yourself and silencing the doubts that keep whispering in your ear."
Canlit for Little Canadians  "Just like the warm voice that sends positive messages and encouragement, The Cold Little Voice, the book, is transformative, inspiring light from dark thoughts and support rather than isolation."
CM Magazine (Highly Recommended) "The Cold Little Voice is such a timely picture book in a world where we are constantly hearing about anxiety and mental health in children ...definitely a conversation starter and is useful for children suffering from mental illness as well as for educating others about what mental illness can look like.

Kiss the Book blog. "This book is a fabulous conversation starter for a very important topic."

Read. Learn. Repeat "Glad this book was created! The Cold Little Voice calls out that negative inner voice we all experience, shows how empty its claims are, & teaches kids to redirect thoughts toward their inner positive voice & friends who let that positive voice sing." 

City Parent  "We can be our own worst enemy, as the cold little voice illustrates in this story of self-acceptance and self-love...It's up to us to warm up that stabbing cold and this sweet story shows us how."

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