About Alison

Before I settled into writing full-time, I did a lot of other things.


After a degree in English literature, I studied law, then went to England for a master’s degree in law. Learning to drive on the wrong side of the road was more daunting than tutoring university in Australia (so were the emus). I've also worked at a human rights centre, a court of appeal, and a non-profit for people with disabilities. I started writing when our three children were young.

I've published 16 books for children and young adults, with translations into French, Korean, Dutch and Turkish. I've also given writing workshops and presentations at schools, libraries, conferences and festivals across the country.


I'm a sucker for animals, reading actual newspapers, riding my bike and pawing through thrift shops. I'm trying to break an annoying habit of telling people that I only paid TWO BUCKS for that! I love to travel, but can usually be found at my computer with a cup of tea and some snoring dogs by my side.



Awards and Nominations


Governor General's Literary Awards, finalist

Writers' Union of Canada Writing for Children Award 

Alberta Literary Awards, finalist

Silver Birch Award, finalist

Diamond Willow Award, finalist (twice)

Snow Willow Award, finalist

Shining Willow Award, finalist

Red Cedar Award, finalist (three times)

Hackmatack Award, finalist (twice)

Chocolate Lily Award, finalist

Ontario Library Association Best Bets Award


Junior Library Guild Selection

Bank Street College of Education, Best Books of the Year (2016 and 2018)

Sigurd F. Olson Nature Writing Award, YA Notable Book and Honorable Mention