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Oliver Bounces Back 


*Translated into French

(Illustrated by Charlene Chua, Scholastic Canada, summer 2021)

Oliver's day has started out lousy - can he turn his luck around? 

Eyewitness testimony confirms that Oliver is having a pretty lousy day. By the time he gets to school (late), he's tangled with the hairbrush, stepped in dog drool, burnt his toast, and been hit in the head by his little sister's gooey banana.


At school, the pile-on of bad luck continues, and when someone takes over Oliver's square on the reading-time carpet - that''s the last straw!

Oliver gets mad, gets quiet, gets sad, starts to talk, and then really takes charge. By lunch recess, he has the whole class literally bouncing around the playground, as he's discovered the exhilaration of bouncing back from a bad day.

Oliver Bounces Back! is a delightful and powerful story about cultivating resilience and bouncing back from adversity. The interactive style of the story, coupled with extra tips and tools on anxiety and resiliency at the back of the book , will leave readers feeling empowered to take on their own bad days.

(Picture Books, Eh! Blog, January, 2021)

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