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Felix Landon Yarrow (“Fly”), a fourteen-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, is captivated by the noble, chivalrous ideals of knighthood. So when he fears that a school villain, Carter, poses a danger to his lady love, Daria, he knows rescuing her must be his quest. Using his wits and his own unique powers, he constructs an elaborate plot meant to culminate with him on his wheeled “trusty steed” triumphantly conquering his enemy and saving his “damsel in distress.” Alas, for this brave knight, as for most middle schoolers, plans often have a way of going awry.

In the spare first-person narrative, Felix's witty, often sarcastic and self-aware voice matter-of-factly reveals how it feels to be the kid in the wheelchair. Felix is a fully realized, funny character who defies labels, and who learns and grows as the story unfolds. For reluctant and avid readers alike, this book is a potent vehicle for engaging young people with a unique perspective and for encouraging empathy. 

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