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Life Expectancy


(DCB Young Readers, 2023)

* CBC Books 25 Canadian YA Books to Read in Fall 2023

* 49th Shelf Most Anticipated Fall 2023 Books

* Hornblower Group Library Hotlist Fall 2023

"This moody, feisty, clumsy character may prod her young adult readers into looking at their own lives, perhaps realizing just how precious their time is and how important it is for all of us to live our lives fully each and every day."  

—Canadian Review of Materials (Oct 13/23) Five Stars, Highly Recommended

Alison Hughes has crafted a narrative so deeply excruciating and beautiful it defied my initial expectations. I will not spoil the story as it is one that you absolutely must read.”

​—Storytime with Stephanie (Jan/24)

How do you go on after making a life-altering discovery about yourself?Sophie St. John’s grandmother, a world-renowned writer, may be as talented as she is rude, but Sophie is just Sophie: clumsy, emotional, and prone to outbursts. When she stars in a class play based on her grandmother’s famous novel and then comes across an old legal case while doing research for homework, Sophie uncovers a profound, devastating, life-changing secret — a secret her parents have kept from her since birth.Faced with a revelation that changes her entire future, Sophie must confront her dysfunctional family, ponder her life goals, and summon the courage to finally start living on her own terms.


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