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The Creepy-Crawly Thought
Illustrated by Jennifer Rabby (2019)
When creepy thoughts slither in and refuse to leave, what can an anxious child do? This story answers with a wild, rollicking list of strategies to help chase bad thoughts away and provides a gentle opening for talking about fears, anxiety, wellness and resilience.
Kirkus Reviews " ...will generate enough smiles to put creepy-crawlies on the run. A silly picture book that offers readers humor to confront anxieties."
Canlit for Little Canadians "..with a variety of strategies for dealing with those creepy-crawlies, Alison Hughes ensures that there's at least one that will work for any child. Moreover her rhyming text, sure to annoy those monstrous thoughts, brings a lightness and manageability to the plight of a child dealing with anxiety."
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